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ALA- Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco,CA

ALA- Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco,CA.



Exploratorium – Institute for Inquiry located in San Francisco, CA is known as the world of exploration, experiment , wonder and passion.  It’s a place where  you can breath science , experiments , where whole families go to obseve, think , make discovories and play together.

It has making meaning from  the experience. Inquiry is an approach to learning that involves a process of exploring the natural, leading to questions and making discoveries. It’s for sure an excellent way to increase children’s interest in leaning English as ESL. Effective teachers rely on many ways to rise student’s interest and the Inquiry concept is a powerful tool in learning not just science ,but any other subject, and keeping wonder and curiosity alive in the classroom.

I was surprised to see how families get engaged to the experiments through out the institute and how children, teenagers and adults share the same space in absolutly peace and egagement.

The Exploratorium is with no doubt a wonderful place to visit  with your family during your holidays, I’m sure your thinking skills will never be the same again.

A mind that expands  will never return to its original size again.IMG-20150625-WA0008



Our Mission


Andre Headlund and Keila Goulart from CCBEU Goiania.

Our mission as English Teachers is ” Transforming  knowledge in achivement,  through  teaching qualified  English in  a   creative way  and  innovating  resources.”